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"The migration from pen, paper and sketch pad to a virtual reality environment for a designer is a painless process with software like SketchUp . The oft refrain that there is more spontaneity for paper and pen may still be true but I believe one is speaking of a different parallel sensibility.

A 3D design tool like SketchUp allows play without bothering about precision while the precision is in the background for you to call upon when desired.

Its ability to accept images, photos and files from 2D cad applications on the same page, allows the designer to create a 3 dimensional desktop that can at the same time conceptualise a design, model, animate and even do submission draughting (with the support of inexpensive CAD solutions like IntelliCAD).

It is a boon to any designer that is serious about hands on designing."
Fong Hoo Cheong, HCF and Associates

"It's fantastic! I did 'play' around with it - SketchUp - for 4 hours on the trial version, and I've already completed a model for three units terrace houses - mind you all different designs."
Dennis Chan, True North Architecture

"Having seen SketchUp, we were surprised and impressed by the features, ease of use and the comprehensiveness of this program in addressing many of the problems faced by CAD users today.

In bringing together the various features and strengths of the software tools, SIACAD, SketchUp and Vue d’Espirit have successfully enhanced drawings and 3-D renderings while making it easy to learn (even for novices!). In the field of computer aided design, there have been many drawing aids and software programmes that have been used in the past but none of them have come close to these amazing softwares both in terms of performance and cost. In fact, we believe this package to be the most value packed CAD and 3-dimensional rendering software available in this market. Your service in offering tutorials and lesson guides have also been instrumental in making the learning easier and more structured.

Having used it in our own interior design practice, we certainly recommend any serious CAD user to consider these softwares as a fundamental tool in their office. We believe that this will also enhance the use of CAD and its development over the next few years."
Vincent Khoo, Design Kinetics Pte Ltd