Testimonials from APEX Users

"A great stride in upping the game of e-management. I have every confidence that APEX will be with the Built-environment industry for a long time. Most important of all is that we are empowering our SIA Members!"

Theodore Chan, CIAP Architects Pte Ltd

"ADDP Architects started APEX in 2011. Every year, we look forward to the launch of the new release. The launch of APEX 14 was fantastic with cool & faster speed to retrieve emails / contacts.

SIACAD Team, you have moved APEX to another peak. Well done & looking forward to next year's launch."

Wendy Ow, ADDP Architects LLP (PI)

"AWP Pte Ltd is a pioneer user, since APEX 1.0 Every year we will attend the launch of the new release. Every year we get awesome, better, faster and cool features that help us improve our productivity and effectiveness. This year, the APEX Team has again answered our wishlists!

The multi-language support is one such feature which we have requested as we have users who are not fluent with English. It's indeed amazing the way the multi-language support is handled in APEX 14 - totally innovative, customisable and revolutionary. There are also lots and lots of other improvements, all done within 1 year!

Keep up the great work and thanks for your continuous support!"

Joseph Poon, AWP Pte Ltd

"Thank you for the presentation. I'm sure our staff will be very happy to learn of the improvement done for timesheet. It will definitely help them save time spent on it and also brain cells trying to remember what they have done for which project.

Another improvement that I like is that email can now open EML file. No more having to open EML attachment using another application.

Well done guys!"

Justina Tan, WOHA

" The new version's theme 'Relationship Unlimited' with its launching held on Valentine's Day, indeed is appropriate for the new features that APEX offers.

The multi-language that can be customized and handled locally by system administrators will facilitate communication with clients and service providers. In Aidea, we are expanding our businesses and networking globally. APEX will help reach and convince our partners of our intention to build relationship thru this kind of communication tool.

A system that can track what we do inside the system at any point in time to help in the preparation of time sheet is a brilliant idea. This will help especially for those who do a lot of correspondences for diverse projects. Operational efficiency is always the objective of APEX. Other features are event alerts via user's mobile, faster speed by more than 1,000% by using the local storage, email display to show all projects, and many more.

We look forward to the testing and migrating into this new version. Thanks to APEX team for the dedication and hardwork."

Prudenciado, Lizelda H., AIDEA Philippines Inc.

"APEX 14 has so much to offer and it is certainly good to hear that you and your team have responded to feedback and continue to make APEX awesome. It is certainly very challenging to come up with new version every year, and you guys are just amazing- having to take care of the practical & technical aspect as well as the aesthetics part as well.

Kudos to you and your team. 2 thumbs up!"

Tang Sau Kit, Liu & Wo Architects Pte Ltd

"I have a fantastic time at your launch for APEX 14. It is really fantastic that the team listens to us for our feedback and lots of your improvements really makes sense for architects.

I also enjoyed the lighter side of the presentation when you shown us "how to relieve stress in a very healthy way ..."

Looking forward to APEX 15!"

Jeremy Goh, Inter Consultants Pte Ltd

"The launch gave me a fresh overview of how much more APEX can do and we will now use it more extensively to help ease our planning, administrative strategies and workload"

Bernard Hon, H.Mill Design + Architecture LLP

"APEX 14 launch event is very good, really raising the bar at every upgrade. Its good to see more features are added to APEX 14, useful to the practice especially for smaller firms who can now use the technology to manage and improve work flow more effectively.

The language breakthrough will really make APEX useful for non-English users.

Keep up the good work, at this rate, hope you don't run out of features to add in the next launch!"

William Lau, William Lau Architects

"We have started using APEX in 2010. Since then, we are well pleased with the system for its excellent capabilities with easy and direct application to our office functions. It is amazing that almost all communication and records such as project management, scheduling, monitoring and even human resource management can be done by APEX.

Most impressed with the team in SIACAD which is making constant effort to improve it with the launch of a new version every year. We were invited for feedback in Dec 2015 and now find most of our wishes are incorporated in APEX 14 newly launched in 14 Feb 2016. We are indeed excited and look forward to use it with all our staff."

Chua Seow Ann, SA Chua Architects Pte Ltd

"Thank you for an awesome presentation at APEX 14 Launch on 14/02/2016. It was a pleasant and enjoyable presentation. It is good to see APEX keep improving each year.

I personally like the new rounded edges interface and also the option of changing the language when needed. Looking forward to upgrade to version 14 soon.

I sincerely appreciate the support provided by APEX Team. You guys always try to resolve any issues raised.

Thank you all"

Tony Ng, VNIX Pte Ltd

"Very honored to attend SIACAD's APEX 14 launch. As usual, Ben's efficient team made it possible to launch a complete product upgrade that meets key user requirements with the help of APEX itself, highlight being multi-language support. The best part I like is Ben's stress buster."

Chidambaram, GRAPHISOFT Singapore

"Yup. The launch was concise to the point & kept to time. Some surprises not expected but very much welcomed. Good show!"

Thomas Ho, 235 G-Architects

"APEX 14 hit the note with the multi language interface. The other features 'upgrade' are also timely. Looking forward to APEX 15"

Jim Tan, Xcube Solutions Pte Ltd